Table of parameters

The values of the parameters are expressed as the percentage of the parameter values for a person accepted as the reference.

The first row shows parameters values corresponding to sliders positions.

Next three rows show the sets of parameter values for recently performed simulations. A click with the left or the right mouse key on a selected row causes:

A click with the right mouse button enables an user to:

The last row of the table shows the parameter values currently accepted as reference. They are expressed as percentage of the standard proposed by the authors (the standard includes the values of respiratory system parameters of an average Polish woman aged 50 years).

Table of results

This table presents the values of the most important indices, calculated during forced expiration maneuver. In the column of reference values (Ref.), the values are given for the simulation accepted as the reference one. In the column of observed values (Obs.) the values are shown for the simulation, the row of which is currently highlighted in the table of parameters.