The end-user can use the Tgol.e-spirometry system free of charge for several days from the first installation of the system on the designated computer, in order to test the system. After the evaluation period the user must purchase a license for using the system (it will not work without License Code entering).

It will be possible to receive a new License Code for a new computer of an end-user without additional fee, however, if:

  1. the computer is changed
    • not before one year after the first license purchase,
    • not before two years after receiving free license for previous computer,
    • before 2012 yr.
  2. the user sends mail () with the subject ‘new computer’, and with (in the text):
    • the surname or Institution’s name that has been entered during purchasing the license,
    • UserUniqueCode of the new computer,
    • UserUniqueCode of the previous computer or previous License Code.

The end-user will be informed with e-mail about new, improved version of the system (without additional fee for that new version).