License types

There are two versions of Tgol.e-spirometry: Basic and Advanced (in English and Polish; it is planned to prepare the system in Spanish as well as in other European languages if necessary).

Depending on the end-user interest (as self-education, courses leading or multimedial education of students), it is now possible to purchase one of the following license types:

  1. Tgol.e-spirometry Basic Polish
  2. Tgol.e-spirometry Basic English
  3. Tgol.e-spirometry Advanced Limited Polish
  4. Tgol.e-spirometry Advanced Limited English
  5. Tgol.e-spirometry Advanced Commercial Polish
  6. Tgol.e-spirometry Advanced Commercial English
  7. Tgol.e-spirometry Advanced Institutional Polish
  8. Tgol.e-spirometry Advanced Institutional English

Basic Version is designed for persons who want to learn independently how changes of selected respiratory system parameters influence forced expiration maneuver results.

Advanced Version is designed for instructors leading courses for students, physicians, nurses, etc. Between others, an instructor can:

Assuming two kinds of students education, two types of the license are proposed for professional use by instructors:

It is possible, that an user would like to use the Tgol.e-spirometry Advanced system only in his/her private self-education. Such users may purchase cheaper license (Tgol.e-spirometry Advanced Limited License).